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    XNode Pitching! 10

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    2018-3-30 14:00- 17:00, XNode JingAn Space

    5F, Overseas Chinese Mansion, 129 West YanAn Road, JingAn District, Shanghai, PR China

  • This year’s “XNode Pitching!” is happening soon! As one of the top startup accelerator in Shanghai, XNode has jointly partnered with Launchpad to establish the 10th series of “XNode Pitching!”, with a focus on Sino-Korean Content Startups. This competition will be opened to all local startups and the local startups will be given a chance to engage with 3 top start-up firms from Korea!


    “XNode Pitching!” - Get Funded and connected!


    “XNode pItching!” will be done in a minimalist style; we will not have many complicated selection rounds, nor will it have long winded speeches by guest speakers. We decided in being down to earth and go straight to the point of the programme – startups will work closely with our experienced evaluation panelists, enabling startups to directly link up with investors.




    14:00-14:30 Sign in

    14:30-14:40 Opening words

    14:40-16:25 Startups Pitching (7-minute demo + 8-minute Q&A)

    16:25-16:40 Keynote speech

    16:40-16:45 Winner announcement

    16:45- Networking

  • Pitch Teams


    Building Global Cosplay Platform Tokenized Ecosystem. Cosplay Platform built with Blockchain Technology.


    Offer easy and affordable 3D content generations tools for the masses.

    Fast Facts

    - Generated 2500 3D holograms

    - Generated $1.4 Millions Revenue

    - Over 500 companies are using our proprietary SDK to develop 3D content for movies, games, and more.


    F8Date is a high-tech mobile app that— for the first time— offers users the chance to find people they will truly be passionate about, to get a match and chat with a degree of speed and efficiency never seen before. All of this with a feeling of freedom and privacy practically unthinkable until this date.

    晶歌文化 Jinggewenhua

    Jing ge wen hua is the most professional anime culture community platform.


    Custom Music Composition Platform, a platform where film producers and brands can get music for any purpose, at any time, at a reasonable cost.

    Fast Facts

    - A few close collaboration with both filmmakers and music producers.

    - Get commissioned to create the official song for the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics in South Korea.

    Virtual Interaction Drama

    K-Pop Entertainment with a VR Twist

    Fast Facts

    - 15,000 fans downloaded the beta version ofour app since the end of 2016.

    - 58,000 are ready to hit ‘Download’ when ourfull version is released.

    舞侠 Wuxia

    Wuxia is commited to building up a hip-hop cultural exchange platform that intergrates hip-hop knowledge learning, event ticketing information, all in one online community.

  • Pitch Jury

    Albert Yu

    Founding partner of Zhongzhi Cultural Fund

    Albert Yu is a veteran investor in the entertainment and media industry, with over 10 years of experience in investment and financing. Armed with a CA (Chartered Accountants of Canada) License and a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) license, He got a master degree at University of Waterloo.


    He will be taking the position of board member and director of finances in Hairun Media. Prior to joining Hairun Media, Albert Yu was the vice president of investment in the private equity investment company under the US AIA Group, and worked for BNP Paribas listing division and KPMG.


    He is currently the founding partner of Zhongzhi Cultural Found, The fund is jointly intiated by several senior domestic media veterans and deals with early and mid-term investments in pan-entertainment equity projects.

    Toshi Tanaka

    Founder & CEO of Takumi Innovators

    Toshi is a founder & CEO of Takumi Innovators which is the only startup & innovation platform between Japan and China. Toshi also holds the post of managing director at XNode which is one of the most successful international startup & innovation platform in China.


    Before founding Takumi Innovators, Toshi was with Deloitte Tohmatsu for about 12 years and engaged in various range of projects including M&A advisory, investment consulting, IPO consulting and audit for listed companies. From 2005 to 2009 he was seconded to Deloitte Shanghai office and engaged in cross-border IPO projects where Chinese companies going public in Japan.


    Before joining Deloitte he was with Hewlett Packard as a system engineer for 4 years and engaged in development and sales of enterprise system. He holds a B.A. in aerospace & rocket engineering at University of Tokyo. He holds a U.S. CPA certificate and also passed accounting exam and tax exam of Chinese CPA.

    Eliot Dongwon Shin

    CEO of Neoply China, CEO of Neowiz China

    Eliot Dongwon Shin is CEO of Neoply China, which is chinese market dedicated investor. He is devoting himself as an adjunct professor of Handong global university and Inha university also. He has spent 13 yrs in China and doing bridging role between China and global markets.


    Neoply China is raising startup’s value by helping penetration into Chinese market. It helps startup to go to market efficiently by providing spaces / mentoring / investment / linking to Chinese partners.


    Neowiz China is a 'bridge' between China and overseas countries. We source great mobile contents from qualified developers. We do localization, distribution, channeling and partnership with various chinese big mobile platforms. Also, we source good chinese mobile game into korean market.

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